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Lindsay april haugen son

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lindsay april haugen son

During her sentencing hearing Wednesday, Lindsay April Haugen said the prosecution's recommended prison sentence of 65 years was "overwhelming" but that she deserved it. Haugen acknowledged she knew it was wrong to strangle Robert Glenn Mast to death on Sept. Haugen pleaded guilty to the deliberate homicide of Mast, 25, in April.

According to court documents, Haugen killed Mast by putting her arm around his neck to choke him before holding his mouth and nose shut for as long as 20 minutes. She and Mast had eaten pizza and drank wine in the parking lot that night before she said Mast asked her to kill him. Pendleton had raised Mast since he was a 2-year-old, she said. She described him as a "traveler" who had spent his life working seasonal jobs, going state-to-state and indulging in adventures.

He was different from the rest of the family, made different choices, but a good man, Pendleton said. It mattered. It mattered to all of us," Pendleton said.

Mast had a girlfriend he planned to return to in Minnesota, Pendleton said.

lindsay april haugen son

He did not love Haugen, but he trusted her, and that was what killed him, Pendleton said. Mast was from Florida and would return to his family during the holidays, in part for the climate, Pendleton said.

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If this proceeding were held in Flordia, this courtroom would be filled with those who loved him. Haugen robbed Mast's family of him, Pendleton said. She told the court she would never again hear her son say he loved her, just as his brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews would never again hear the stories that used to bring them joy, Pendleton said.

For that, Pendleton said she and her family wanted Haugen to spend the rest of her life in prison. We will fight to have you stay incarcerated," Pendleton said, promising to attend every one of Haugen's future parole hearings. Mast had a documented history of suicidal idealization, but friends and family said he would seek help when he had bouts of depression.

They did not believe he actually wanted to die. When Haugen testified, she apologized to Pendleton.

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Haugen described Mast as the love of her life, after knowing him only 28 days. That was why she "chose to take his life," she said. At the end of her testimony at the hearing, she requested 25 to 30 years of her sentence to be suspended so she could try to be a productive member of society again after she had served a good portion of her sentence.

Just as Haugen did not dispute strangling Mast, no one disputed Haugen's documented past trauma.Lindsay Haugen strangled Robert Mast after knowing him for just 26 days after she claimed he begged her to and their story is featured on I Am A Killer.

Lindsay Haugen had been dating Robert Mast for just four weeks when she strangled him to death with her bare hands because she "wanted to know what it felt like". Chillingly, the year-old claimed she had murdered her boyfriend "because he asked me to" as he struggled to battle his depression. The court was told she had put her arm around his neck to choke him and held her hand over his mouth for 20 minutes when she committed the brutal crime in Amazingly, Robert's mother and step-father have forgiven their son's killer and regularly visit her in prison.

Dubbed the new Making A Murderer, it examines what drove some of America's most notorious murderers to kill. Haugen, who murdered Robert in a car park supermarket car park in Montana, claims she is "heartbroken" over her boyfriend's death.

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She said: "He was only 25 and he had his whole life ahead of him but I made a choice and I took his life. The killer admits she was a rebellious teen when she was at school and when she was just 15 she ran away from home. Determined to turn her life around, Haugen returned home to her family and enlisted with the National Guard while her mum looked after her baby boy.

She admits she loved her time in the forces but started a relationship with a man who was abusive. She said: "He had just come out of rehab but I didn't see that, I just saw a beatuiful face among a pile of beer cans.

Woman strangled boyfriend to death with her 'bare hands to know what it felt like'

Robert described himself as embracing the traveller lifestyle and even though Haugen claims she offered him a place to stay permanently, he insisted he preferred life on the road. But Haugen says Robby was clearly suffering from severe depression and would often say he wanted to end his own life. She claimed: "He held my hand and said 'I wish I could be happy with you but I'm not and it's not you'. I took it personally, that I wasn't enough for him to live for. She said: "His eyes sparkled and he asked if I would do that for him and I said 'I love you, I would do anything for you'.

Haugen claimed she was unable to go through with it - but the next day he told her he still wanted to die. She said: "The next day he said 'I couldn't expect you to do that for me' and I just felt I'd let him down all over again. She added: "I put my arms round him and he bowed his head.

I put my other arm round him and squeezed until he was unconscious. I looked at Robby and started to think about how I could get him back. Then there was a knock at the window and it was a police officer. However, chilling police interviews conducted just after Haugen was arrested show her admitting she wanted to "know what it felt like to kill someone with my bare hands". She told police: "My last fiance broke my hand, then he got behind me, just like I did to Robby and choked me.

Police also discovered Robby had been talking about his ex-girlfriend, Kate, to Hauger before his murder, something she admits she was jealous about.

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Robby had left home when he was just 18 and for six years his mum, Dori, and his step-father, Gene heard little from him. Gene added: "He knew his lifestyle would be painful to us and there was so much we didn't know about his life.

The couple last saw their son in December and the final contact they had with him was when they were told he had gone into rehab the following year. Incredibly, Robby's family, who are committed Christians, have forgiven Haugen and are in regular contact with their son's killer.

As well as visiting her, they also call her and have a close bond with the woman who murdered their son. She took my son's life but her saying sorry and we see in our forgiveness that she is an example of how I need to be with my saviour, who has forgiven me.

Hauger is not eligible for parole until and one of the things taken into consideration are the views of the victim's family. She said: "It could be seen as beneficial to my parole. I hope to get out some day but I believe God has me here for a reason.Get the best experience and stay connected to your community with our Spectrum News app. Learn More. A very personal decision by a Pinellas County couple to reach out and forgive their son's murderer was featured on the Netflix series "I Am a Killer.

Haugen pled guilty to deliberate homicide. Lindsay and Robby met while Robby, who is from Pinellas County, was living the life of a traveler.

They dated less than one month and hit the road together.

lindsay april haugen son

Lindsay said Robby was suicidal and wanted to die. She said she loved him so much, she offered to help. Detective Steven Hallam who worked the case in Billings, Montana, is not convinced it was a mercy killing. The initial call came into Billings Police as a drunk driving case. Police reports detail what one witness told officers, describing what they saw in the WalMart parking lot.

Robby was 25 years old when he died. The Greesons said he left home at age 18 and would hop freight trains, living as a transient who traveled across the country taking seasonal jobs.

The Greesons were aware Robby struggled with substance abuse problems and knew he had been hurting. Who would take his life? Why would you take his life? Not knowing the answers to any of these questions, days later the Greesons decided to forgive the woman who killed Robby. Lindsay, who previously served in the Army, said she knew she loved Robby. She said their relationship was intense and included a lot of drinking. Lindsay said Robby often talked about not wanting to live any longer.

She said an abusive ex-boyfriend tried to choke her and she almost died, which is the same type of chokehold she used on Robby.I Am a Killer: Lindsay Haugen self. Did anyone else watch this and notice how incapable this young woman is of shedding a single tear for the boyfriend she killed? It's on Netflix and she tells the story at about She is so awful at faking emotion I literally had to pause and come tell you all. How can you murder a person with your own hands and not shed a single tear?

She sniffs as if she were crying but zero moisture. It is unreal. Not sure how to feel about that. It's like the adopted her in his place!

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She must be getting lots of laughs and high fives from the other prisoners. Forgiveness can be a completely solidarity thing.

Margaret (Zimmer) Haugen

She's evil and her parents are evil. I'm sure he saw something in her that reminded him of his parents and that's why he dated her. Sucks for Robby. I dont think his parents are evil. I think they are just average or below intelligence, gullible jesus freaks that just dont get it. I'm watching this part now. Just WTF. As if I didn't already feel so bad for Robby His mother borderline smiled when she was explaining he was murdered.

The stepdad seemed more sympathetic. There are good reasons why Robby left his family at the age of 18 and never contact them.

It's very common for people who suffer childhood trauma to be with someone who reminds them of their childhood. I think Linsday and his parents are probably similar in some way. Linsday is pure malicious and evil. The interrogation scene sent a chill up my spine. How she planned on dumping the body, and the way she giggles and tell the story of how she murdered Robby in a totally non-melancholic way. She's psycho at best. The pictures they showed of Robby when he was younger with his step dad and the mom are creepy, the step dad has his hands on both the mom and Robby like ownership.

That's what threw me for a whirl was how nice an forgiving the parents were to women who killed thr son. I was going to ask the same question.

Ya dun fuckin kidding me?!! I'm watching this now, and from the minute I started watching Lindsay I knew she was lying. What shocked me is how crazy the murdered guy's parents are. I mean if she really confessed, maybe I could have understood. But she's still clearly lying, yet they forgive her, and even worse it is like they adopted her!

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I Am a Killer

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lindsay april haugen son

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He is very passionate and takes great pride in his work on each and every case.Netflix is at the top of the game when creating true-crime documentaries. No other network does it better than them. But just who would admit to these crimes? One of the more fascinating cases featured in the new season is that of Lindsay Haugen, who claimed her boyfriend asked to be murdered.

Lindsay is one of the convicted killers featured in the documentary, originally from Portland, Oregon. Speaking of her childhood, Lindsay explained to cameras that it was far from easy. Despite her religious upbringing, Lindsay rebelled and began to abuse drugs in her teen years. What was initially an occasional marijuana habit turned into more hardcore drug use, as Lindsay abused both methamphetamine and heroin. InLindsay became engaged to a man who abused her continuously.

He was jailed in June for his crimes.

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Lindsay claimed after four weeks, the couple agreed that she would choke him to death. Lindsay killed him in her car in the parking lot of a Montana Walmart on September 15th, She was 32 years old at the time.

There were also similarities between the way Robby had been killed and the way Lindsay had been abused. She is still serving her sentence, despite her claims that it was a consensual deal. Her next possible parole date is not until Where is Lindsay Haugen now?

I Am A Killer fans convinced she's "faking emotion" January 21, Eve Edwards. Have something to tell us about this article? Let us know. Eve spends her days writing about TV and film, music, and practically every reality TV show under the sun. Related Posts. How much do the lb Sisters make per episode?But on September 15—less than four weeks later—she strangled Mast to death while the two sat in her car in a Walmart parking lot in Billings, Montana. The show—which first premiered in —is a series of hour-long episodes that profile different convicted killers via straight-to-camera interviews with investigators, the families of victims and the killers themselves.

Immediately prior to getting together with Mast, Haugen had been the victim of a violent relationship. Her partner repeatedly raped her, broke her hand and choked her unconscious before finally being jailed for abuse in June —only two months before she and Mast met.

A woman killed their son. But this Pinellas couple loves her anyway.

Mast was vagabond, hopping freights and hitchhiking about the country. Haugen was in love, so shortly after meeting him, she agreed to travel together, setting off from Washington state. Haugen said that while they were on the road, Mast revealed that he was deeply suicidal, and he began repeatedly asking her to take his life. Eventually, she said, she acquiesced to the request. I would do anything for you. But then he stopped.

She confessed immediately to the killing with the aforementioned motivation. That, he says, is impossible. Haugen pleaded guilty to deliberate homicide and was sentenced to 60 years imprisonment in Yellowstone County, Montana District Court. Despite her crime, Haugen has some defenders: notably, Dori and Gene Greeson, the mother and stepfather of her victim, Robby Mast.

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